Who We Are

What to Expect

West Bowles Community Church is a group of imperfect people seeking after a perfect God.  We believe that the best life, the most abundant life, and eternal life is found in and through Jesus Christ. We are a church, a community of people, a “family of believers”…
•Where everyone is welcome – regardless of your background or your baggage
•Where God’s love, grace, and mercy take priority
•Where we do life together, not just Sunday services
•Where we laugh a lot
-especially at ourselves
•Where every age group and life stage is needed and valued
•Where the Bible guides our beliefs and behaviors and is taught in a way that applies to our everyday life and gives us hope
•Where we see and try to meet our community’s greatest needs
•Where we take the mission of God seriously, ourselves–not so much
•Where we pray we look, think, and act more like Jesus everyday
•Where we love God and love others

We would be thrilled, humbled, and honored to have you join us on this journey called faith.  

9:00 a.m. Service

•Meets in the Chapel
•Traditional Worship Experience
•Worship in Music is Choir-Led (Fall-Spring)
•Sunday School for All Ages
•60-Minute Service

11:00 a.m. Service

•Meets in the Sanctuary
•Contemporary Worship Experience
•Worship in Music is Praise Band-Led & Typically Longer and Louder
•Sunday School for All Ages
•70-Minute Service

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