Times & Contact


Welcome! We are a NEW group at West Bowles Community Church for college-aged (18-25) followers of Christ! Our group focuses on the issues that college students face who have chosen a life for God or want to find out more about His sovereign love! Whether you are a recent or longtime devotee, and anything in between, this group is here to help you grow and learn more, but also push you in your faith. We hope by not merely surviving, but thriving we can be a light into this dark world.


  • Sunday Mornings: Meet us at the 10:00am service on the West side behind the HS Group
  • Thursday: Gathering Place at 7:00 p.m.
    (Third Thursday of every month we meet @ 5:45pm to feed Denver homeless through Dry Bones)


For information regarding Thrive, contact Heather Benedict.

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