Our lives are filled with and inundated by numbers. There are telephone numbers, license plate numbers, social securitynumbers, credit card numbers, & medical record numbers–just to name a few. And just like our lives, The Bible is filled with numbers as well. From the book of Numbers itself (once you get past the first few chapters you should enjoy that book a lot more) to all of the symbolic numbers found in many of the other books in the Bible (3, 7, 12, & 40–and no that list won’t help you win the lottery) numbers play a big role in God’s larger narrative.

But the numbers that we are going to focus on this summer are the little numbers found on top of each page and before each sentence. These numbers are referred to as chapters and verses and although they don’t have any deep religious meaning on their own, God has used these numbers throughout the course of time to radically change people’s lives. The words, truths, and promises of God are now inextricably connected to certain numbers–from 3:16, to 4:13, to 29:11, to 1:1.

Join us this summer as we take a deeper look into some of the most significant numbers/verses in all of Scripture. Hopefully these numbers will become more important and familiar to you than even your social security number or your anniversary date (which isn’t saying much for some of you)!

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