Power of 1

Stephen Ministry Illustrator


Isn’t it funny how one little thing has the power to completely change everything around it!?!?

•One wasp flying around your picnic lunch can ruin the whole thing
•One pimple on the tip of your nose, especially on prom night, can make you want run and hide from the world
•One chip on your windshield or door ding on your car can make you so mad!
•One extra hour of sleep can change your mood completely,
•One scoop of Cold Stone ice cream can turn a horrible day into the best day ever,
•One random act of kindness, or note of encouragement, or unexpected gift or special invitation instantly changes your day.

The Power of One is really evident in the life of Jesus.

•One night in a manger proved that God is not “out there”, but right here with us!
•One touch from this man would heal the sick and the lame and diseased.
•One word from the mouth of this man would calm a storm or cast out a demon.
•One act of service, one basin of water, changed the way we think about greatness.
•One cross, one death, one act of obedience reconciled ALL things back to the God that originally created them.
•One empty tomb proved that we no longer have to fear anything, including death itself!

The Power of One.

Here at West Bowles we believe firmly that God doesn’t need a lot to do a lot.
We are challenging you to more fully and tangibly live out your faith through the Power of 1.


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