Take a second and think about the most remarkable thing you have ever seen.  A time when you witnessed or watched, read or heard about something so amazing that your jaw dropped, your eyes turned to saucers, & the only thing you could say was, “WOW!”
Maybe it was an incredible feat in the sports world. Maybe it was an act of courage or heroism.  Or maybe it was an expression of love, devotion, or servitude.

The world is truly full of remarkable stories, remarkable moments, and remarkable individuals.  And if you were to ask a young man named Mark, a young man who literally walked with Jesus for 3 ½ years back in the first century, what the most remarkable thing was that he ever saw, he would probably just shake his head and ask, “How much time you got?” In the book that bears his name, Mark shares story after story of Jesus doing the impossible. From healing people, to casting out demons, to walking on water Mark wants to make it very clear to us that Jesus isn’t just an amazing guy, he is truly The Son of God. Join us for a 12 weeks series where we walk through this book together and see for ourselves just how reMARKable Jesus is.

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