Simply Seven

Why do things have to be so complicated??!! From toothpaste options, to investment opportunities, to healthcare coverage, a lot of things in life end up becoming rather dense and far too difficult for the average person to fully grasp or understand (who are we kidding, for anyone
to understand). And what is true with life also tends to be true with faith. Christianity, if we aren’t careful, can become way too complicated! What about this? And how about that? And what do you say or think about such and such! Simply Seven is a sermon series designed to
show you how Christianity and the entire message of the Bible can be summarized in 7 words.

Seven words that will empower and enable you to share your faith in a simple, straightforward way that ensures others actually “get it” instead of simply getting frustrated by it! And by the way, go with Tom’s Sweet Mint toothpaste – it’s the pastor’s favorite!

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