Thomas Fitzpatrick

Senior Pastor

Fitz Family 2
Nickname: Tfitz, Tfizzy, or White Chocolate (okay, no one actually calls me that but I like the way it sounds)
Food: Anything having to do with pizza or Mexican food or some combination thereof
Book/Author: I am a huge fan of N.T. Wright, Chuck Swindoll, and I just read a book by James Martin called Jesus: A Pilgrimage and I LOVED IT!!!!
Movie: Anything to do with sports, Jason Bourne, or Into The Wild
Hobbies: Golf, snowboarding, golf, watching movies, golf, ping pong, and did I mention golf?
Married/Kids: Married to my beautiful wife Becca for 11 years. 2 precious girls – Bailey and Cassia
Band: Anything and everything from Jesus Culture or Kim Walker-Smith
TV Show: Sportscenter and Parenthood
Interesting Fact: I would be completely covered in tattoos if my wife would let me
Favorite Scriptures: Zephaniah 3:17 for sure!!!

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